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Adelaide Dog Behaviour Consultant

Book a visit from your local Adelaide dog trainer who specialises in aggression and other dog behaviour. I am a dog trainer who comes to your home to provide functional assessments, behaviour management plans and dog training services. I can help your aggressive dog, your reactive dog, your dog that jumps up on people, your dog that barks, and other behaviours of concern.

Are you living with an Aggressive or Reactive Dog?

Owning an aggressive or reactive dog can be stressful, but don't panic...help is not far away! Click below to learn about our AGGRESSIVE / REACTIVE DOG PROGRAM and take the first step towards a better relationship with your dog. 


Does your dog jump up, bark, counter surf or pull on the lead like a freight train?

These are all very common behaviours that cause owners varying degrees of concern. Check out our BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT PACKAGE and take the first step towards a better dog. 

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